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Since 1984 Best Mailing Lists has been a leader in the direct mail industry. Why is direct mail so effective? Direct mail works because it's a personal medium. A letter in the mail is personal. People love getting mail that addresses their interests and needs. It's a way for them to connect to other people and to get news that's personal or that provides them with helpful ideas and information.

Direct mail is tactile. Your customer can touch it, handle it, unfold it, get involved in it. No other medium offers this level of personal, physical contact with your sales message. Even though today's consumers are media savvy and besieged with advertising and sales appeals, they still have a feeling of control when they get the day's mail. They can catch their breath for a moment, sort through the mail, and select what they want to open and read first. They have a sense of anticipation - a "what's in it for me" curiosity. When your direct mail promises to satisfy that curiosity, you're suddenly a welcome visitor in a person's home or office. And you're talking to him or her personally.

How big is direct mail? We're talking huge. According to a 2005 study by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the leading direct marketing industry group, direct mail in the United States alone was a $40 billion industry. Tens of thousands of small business owners use direct mail yearly to increase their business. Plus, these marketing campaigns are inexpensive and easy to implement. The DMA reports that the average direct mail marketing campaign generates $8.00 in revenue for each dollar invested.

For the past 20 years, direct mail has been growing at a compounded growth rate of more than 6 percent. - an indication of the steadily increasing acceptance of targeted direct mail among consumers and businesses. No other marketing communications medium has grown so fast for so long a time. You can sell anything through the mail. But what separates the winners from the losers is the ability to sell profitably. At Best Mailing Lists we will give you tested and proven techniques and shortcuts that will launch you quickly to the top of the direct mail learning curve.

A successful marketing effort consists of the following three components:

1. Sending to the right person. Nothing works if you target the wrong group of prospects or customers. Your mailing list is the #1 factor in the success of any direct mail campaign. Carefully selecting your target market keeps costs down and response rates up. List "freshness" is also an important consideration. Consumers and businesses move and change constantly. A stale list will increase your costs by causing more undeliverable mail.

2. Making the offer irresistible. The word 'free' is a powerful word. Use it liberally to drive up response rates. Experienced direct marketers include offers such as free inspections, 20 percent off, two for the price of one, free consultation, and so on. When writing your direct mail copy, use words that get your audience's attention. You can't bore someone into buying.

3. Improving your response rate. The most common mistake made by novice direct mail marketers is to mail only once to their target market and to expect to see profitable results. The typical direct mail campaign generates response levels in the 1 to 3 percent range from the first mailing. Although it might seem that 1 percent is low, the real test of success is how much money did you make?

Remember, entire businesses have been built almost entirely on direct mail. Think of the huge book and record clubs, like the Book-of-the-Month Club, Columbia House, RCA Record Club and Time-Life Books. These companies not only rely heavily on direct mail to acquire customers, but they also depend on the mail to deliver their merchandise - a complete mail-based channel of distribution. Thousands of companies use direct mail to sell and service customers. Globe Insurance sells millions of dollars of insurance without any sales agents. Many merchants rely on a specialty form of direct mail called catalogs to sell their apparel from Lands' End and L.L. Bean, premium fruit from Harry and David, roses from Jackson Perkins, and even prime cuts of beef from Omaha Steaks.

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