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Opt-in E-Mail advertising is the most cost effective means of communicating with your customers or prospects.

With opt in e-mail advertising, your products or services can be marketed faster than ever before, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional mediums.

For direct response marketing, opt-in e-mail marketing is less expensive, faster, and more effective than any other current marketing media. This is no news to marketers that have been practicing this form of marketing for the last few years. E-mail marketing allows you to target an audience that is primed and ready to hear your message.

No other form of marketing is comparative to e-mailing because of its interactivity. Unlike a print ad, television commercial, radio spots, direct mail, or any other offline media, a marketing campaign via e-mail encourages and facilitates direct and immediate interactivity. Due to the fast interactive nature of an e-mail marketing campaign, a sales or e-mail lead generation campaign can be completed within a matter of days of its initial deployment date.

On a marketing level, an opt-in e-mail promotion campaign "pushes" a message directly into an individual user's in box and does not have to wait for a radio spot or a magazine issue or television commercial in order to make it's debut. E-mail Marketing can read like a great piece of literature or a great looking catalog. It can be a completely interactive - point and click - reaction. Most importantly, e-mail marketing allows the e-mail marketer to communicate on a one to one basis through the use of personalized language, salutations and other methods.

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