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  "Automotive"   "Charitable Contributors"

Likely to...
Buy a compact pickup
Buy a full-size SUV
Buy a lower mid-size vehicle
Buy a luxury vehicle
Buy a mini SUV
Buy a minivan
Buy a premium compact vehicle
Buy an upper mid-size vehicle


Likely to...

Give to charity
Give to charity - Arts & Humanities
Give to charity - Education
Give to charity - Environment
Give to charity - Health
Give to charity - Private Foundation
Give to charity - Religious
Give to charity - Religious $200+ per   year
Give to charity - Social Services
  "Banking - Finance - Investments"  "Banking - Continued

Likely to...
Engage in online trading
Finance a new auto through commercial bank
Finance a new auto through credit union
Finance a new auto through manufacturer
Finance a new auto with cash
Have a discount brokerage account
Have a full-service brokerage account
Have a home equity loan
Have a home improvement loan
Have a Keogh/SEP-IRA/pension
Have a mutual fund brokerage account
Have a personal loan for education
Have a tax-sheltered annuity
Have an IRA

Make partial payments on credit card   bills each month
Own common stock (not including   employers)
Own securities worth $100k or more
Own securities worth $25k-$50k
Own securities worth $50-$100k
Own securities worth $5k-$10k
Own securities worth less than $25k
Own securities worth less than $5k
Pay credit card bills in full each month
Use a premium credit card more than 5   times a month


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