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Our list of over 20 million professionals and 12 million business locations can be segmented into a variety of sub groups. We can break the list down by name, gender, population codes, and more.

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The objectives of general advertising differ from those of direct marketing - and from telemarketing lists. Advertising seeks to create, build, or maintain an awareness of and a desire for a product or service. Advertising, done well, can support the selling process. But its goal has only three main parts: gain Attention, stimulate Interest, and provoke Desire (AID). Advertising is an aid in the selling process. You want people to pay attention, take an interest in what you have to sell, and desire what you're selling enough to buy. But to take the next step, your prospect has to go to the store. (A store, a retailer, is a channel of distribution. If you're a package goods manufacturer or reseller of detergent, soup, or if you make things like apparel, automobiles, you need to get your merchandise into a store of some kind so that consumers can buy it. Otherwise, all the attention, interest, and desire you've spent big dollars on will be wasted).


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